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If reefing wasn't such a misery,

Wouldn't you do it sooner & more often?

For decades, sailboats using an aluminum mast had to have a gap in the Luff channel to insert the mainsail.  The gap, located high above the boom, could be 2" to 14" long.

To prevent the sail from falling out, you had to block the gap by using: pins, blocks, screws, elastic cords, or a track-stop knob, making the distance above the boom too high for performing a quick reefing task.

Our patented solutions and custom builds has solved this age-old problem by building a bridge across the gap so the sail can slide down toward the boom without falling through of the gap.
.  .

Complete reefing in seconds, while 
MastGate bridges the
Gap, allowing full use of the Luff track.

A must have, for all single-handed sailors.

Order a custom MastGate solution to remove the misery.

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  [see list of boats using MastGates]

Once we have the size and cross sectional profile of your Mast, Luff channel, and feed slot gap, we can build you an internally or externally mounted MastGate to best serve your needs.  

Our Internally mounted MastGate is superior in action, utility and

"Externally mounted MastGates" are a lower cost design that fit all masts profiles.

This year we added the "Bifurcated Cassette  Slide" for round luff channels having inside diameters of  1/2" and  5/8".  See items 1,2,8, 11 on red mat photo below.

If your happy with your present setup using a track-stop knob, then you will appreciate out new "Quick-Release Track-Stop".  This one you won't lose overboard, and you will find it so much easier to lock & unlock, even if your hand is cold or wet.  I use one under a sliding boom to create more head space.
(see items 9, 10, 11 on red mat)

Some Product Solutions:

1. Internal MastGates bridge the feed slot without blocking sail slugs.
2. "Quick-Release Track-Stops" single-handed clamping
3. "Slide-Rail extensions" to replace or repair track sections.
4. "Slide-Pocket Feeder" for installing rectangle sail slides into track.
5. "Slide-Gate" external gate for a single cut track (H1,H2,H3).


Below are other solutions made.

Mounting systems:

Internally Hinged (4):
mounts inside the track channel using a shock cord as a hinge and tether, creating hands-free self-closing operation for each slug when pushed into the track.  The easiest to use & very elegant in looks and style.   Easy to install.  Can also be used as a fixed plate using screws or pop-rivets.
only for track channel profiles A,B,C. )

Externally Tethered Hinge (5, 7):
mounts on outside surface of mast track, using a shock-cord as a hinge and tether.  A lateral hand push on the gate plate to open or latch close the gate.  
The gate plate has a single mounting hole provided for optional fixed mounting.

External Fixed  (6, 16):
This is the best solution for closing a sail-feed slot permanently or temporary.  A preferred choice when the sail stays on for long periods.

Mounts on the outside surface of mast, using a single 1/4" removable nylon rivet to hold gate in place, and includes two smaller holes provided for a more permanent mounting.

Internal Bifurcated Cassette Slide (1, 2, 8, 11):
One type mounts by snapping into the round track channel opening of a dual cut feed slot, and longer types slide into place via top or bottom of mast ends.  The cassette slide is locked in place by a setscrew or using a Quick-Release handle.  The cassette creates an inside bridge, allowing sail slug passage.
only for track channel profiles D5&6, E5&6, F5&6, G5&6. )

H-Profile slide track repair, extension, feeder, items: (3, 12, 17)

Flush mount Inserts 10-32 thread, aluminum (15)
 When threads wear out when using external gates with knob screw(s) like #16 above, you will need to restore the threads using threaded inserts.

Quick-Release Track-Stops (9, 10 ):
Our Track-Stops will fit all mast profiles.  Use them under sliding goose-neck boom-slides to increase the head room under the boom, or to block the opening of a sail feed slot from a lower position.

Internal Gates 

The BEST single-handed gate to have if you have the right profile (A,B,C).

 (click photo or mouseover )

External Hinged Gate Kit 

Extra holes are now included in gate plate for optional mountings.

 (mouse over image)

External Fixed Gate Kit 

temporary or permanent closing)

Includes removable 1/4" nylon rivet


No more fumbling with a small knobs that often fails, and jumps overboard...

Our Quick-Release Track-Stops use a cam action handle, allowing for quick fastening with a push of your palm.

A hand force of 28 Lbs, could provide up to 500 Lbs of clamping force!

Use it under your sliding boom to limit drop, then to lock the boom up higher while at the dock to give you more head room.

[Quick-Release Demo video link]

Track  Sail-Slide Solutions: 
(Click on image for video)
[] Slide-Rail Extensions.
Extend the length of a track channel to make reefing and flaking easier.

(Slide and track-stop not included.)

[] Slide-Pocket Feeder 
E-Z Tilt loading holds slides in track and not fall out.
Mounts under an existing channel or extension rails.


[] Slide-Gate type MastGate  

provides a bridge over a single feed slot cut in your track.  A single nylon insert is all that is needed to hold it in position.  The stainless steel 316 gate uses a "U" shape fold to grab around the top & bottom track lip edge for holding strength.  H1 & H2 type gates have a bend to lock over back side of track (shown in photos).

One Year Free Replacement Warranty, 30 day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee
24/7 email & free phone support


( Made in the USA, Patent Pending )  


Tom, my wife and I are VERY happy with our external MastGate. It is everything we hoped it would be, the perfect solution for keeping those pesky sail slides in their place! Thank you for checking in with us, months after the purchase, to insure our compete satisfaction. We will always!

Sincerely, Gene & Carlotta 

I ordered a mastgate system from you earlier this year for my Monty 15.  The mast gate is worth its weight in gold. love it!  we really needed that toggle clamp (Quick-Release). don't know how anyone gets by without one!

Regards,  Michael B

The new Mastgate is working great.  The size you sent fits the Mast on my Chrysler 22 perfectly.
Thank you for the prompt sevice.


Thanks for getting the Mast Gate to me so rapidly.  It was simple to install.  I just finished living on the boat for 4 days and I have to tell you how pleased I am with your product.  Being able to quickly and easily raise the boom for using my boom tent was a bonus I hadn't thought about when purchasing the product.

As an inventor I can appreciate the amount of work that has gone in to getting the product to market and protecting your intellectual property.  Absolutely brilliant!   Contrary to what some would have you believe, just because sailing has been a part of humanity for thousands of years doesn't mean it's all been done before.

Best of luck to you in your endeavor.

Kind Regards,  Ron D

I installed the MastGate on my Precision 15 in late August. It works very well. It made my ability to raise and lower the mainsail much easier in that I sail single handed.  Thanks for developing/inventing such a neat addition. I feel safer on the water, which is especially satisfying in this my 76th year. I am writing from my winter home in Northport, NY. My summer home is on Long Pond in Belgrade Lakes, Maine.
Thanks so much,  Jim Lyman (Precision 15, Internal gate)

I purchased an internal mast gate from you earlier this summer for my Sovereign 17. You were very helpful on the phone, working with me to make sure I ordered exactly what I needed. The gate was easy to install and it has exceeded my expectations! It works beautifully, and it has allowed me to keep my sail mounted and covered without worrying about the sail slides falling out.

Thank you for such a well-engineered and useful product!

Mark T (Sovereign 17, Internal gate)

I'm a 77 yr-old Monty 15 sailor with a neurological condition that limits my hand  strength and dexterity. I still sail frequently , with the majority of my sailing being  multi-day trips , up to two weeks on the water. Prior to Tom installing his MastGate, I had trouble in sail handling. The mast track opening was to high , I had to stand on the cabin top to feed the slugs into the slot or when I took  the sails down to reef or put the sails on the boom. Tom very cleverly closed off the existing wedged track opening and installed his MastGate in a lower and handier location. Once the sail slugs were fed into the mast track, I could raise and lower the sails from the cockpit. This made reefing and sail management much easier.  The installation of Tom's MastGate has made my sail management must easier, especially reefing in sporting conditions.

 Jim K  (1991 Montgomery 15, external hinged gate)

I have a 1973 O'Day Mariner.  I just got back from a three-day sailing trip accompanied by another Mariner, sailed by Nathan Bayreuther.  At one point we encountered conditions where it became prudent to reef, and I was amazed at how quickly Nate was able to tuck a reef into his mainsail.  He tried to explain his Mast Gate, but I didn't understand what he was saying until I could actually inspect the thing.  I am impressed!  Such a simple little device makes life so much easier for the single-hander.
Thanks!    Chris Albert (O'Day Mariner)

Test sail report (5/22/13):  my new mast gate worked slicker than boiled okra in a glass bowl!  My sail slid up the slot with no jams and flaked like broiled fish upon lowering. I'm so pleased!  Thanks again, Tom. 
Doug D,  Precision 185 (Fixed Gate)

I recently bought my first sailboat, a WWP19, brought it home, and went through all the systems there before putting in the water. It was immediately obvious that raising, lowering, and reefing the main was not going to work efficiently. Those sail slugs certainly have a mind of their own and the sail, of course, was all over the place. While researching the internet, I found Tom's website and videos. Without further ado I towed the boat to Tom's house and had him install the external MastGate. Now that I've had the boat in the water a few times I can't imagine trying to sail without a gate and this one is simple to install and operate.

                                           Laury L. (Potter 19, internal gate)

Thanks Tom, I watched your videos and did the installation, I think the installation took less time than watching the videos.  It went well and it looks like the gate will do a good job.
Bill / Oday Daysailer (DM-284)


just installed another MastGate.  installed it in about five minutes ... took me more time to draw the lines to locate the drill holes than installing the unit.  works great!

again, thanks for such a great product.  so far there are two Sage 17s with MastGates!

Dave Scobie / Sage Marine 

Looking to replace a sail-stop that went flying into the lake when we were closing up ship last Fall. We had the Barrel type ....   - the barrel type had fit really snug... 

Dana  (Precision 18, now using QuickRelease TrackStop)

My new M-15 came from Bob's Manufacturing Plant with a nice Topping Lift...  I have just received my Mastgate.... That and my topping lift will be a great combo when I decide to leave my sail on the boom! 

Hale, M15

Hi Tom,

I wanted to let you know that I finally got out to the boat, and the part fits perfectly- much thanks for your help with creating the specs, for the great follow up, and the great information you shared with me. All very much appreciated!!

                      Best regards, Steve G (1986 O'Day 23, profile F5)

Hello Tom,


I keep forgetting to let you know how the MastGate for the C-22 worked out.  

It works perfectly - it does exactly what it says on the tin. I have used it for almost the whole sailing season now with no issues. You got the internal radius and external curve just right for the later model flat sided Catalina mast if that is a useful reference point for making future C-22 gates for other customers. The length worked out right too.

 David M. (Catalina 22) .

 My wife and I just returned from an 8 day shakedown cruise on our Ericson 27.  The MastGate worked so well that I literally forgot it was there most of the time. All in all my wife and I are very happy with our mast gate and feel that it was an excellent and very cost effective upgrade to our boat.  I would not hesitate for a second to give my wholehearted recommendation to any other Ericson 27 owners out there who want a simple, effective mainsail slot controller!
 Thanks again for the great service Tom!

-Eric J (Ericson 27, Berkeley, CA)


... I ordered a MastGate from you a few weeks ago, I installed it per your instructions on my O'Day Mariner, and it has worked perfectly.  What a huge help - especially when reefing.  I certainly plan on spreading the word within the Association. 
Thanks so much for your product.
Nate, Fleet Captain (O'Day Mariner)

Finally had a chance to try it out on the water today, and I found that it works just fine without the "notches", as my slugs and gooseneck slide go up and down past the hinge smoothly, whether just raising the sail, putting in a reef, raising the boom to put up the boom tent, or whatever ...
Thanks for a great product, and I'm telling all my sailing buddies about it!

Tim W. ( DM-284)

The mast gate works great.  All sail slugs and gooseneck slide in, out, up,
and down smoothly.  Thanks again for your support.

Tom K. ( Precision 18)

 We haven't been able to properly reef the main in the 8+ years we've had the boat.  This is just what we've been looking for!  

Thanks,  Sally W. (Ericson 27)

I’m excited about being able to raise and lower my sail without making my son “babysit” the slides as they fall out of the mast slot!!!
... I can’t imagine anybody with sail slugs that doesn’t need one of these. 
Thanks again,

Derek F. (San Juan 21)

 I've been using the new mast gate for almost two months now.  Its a big improvement. The main sail is rigged and removed much faster and easier. The sail is now reefed in under thirty seconds. Your mast gate is the best. Thank you so much for your mastgate, and the great service that came with it.

Dave B, (Potter 15)

Tom:  Your model works best of all. No problem Blakley to Bellingham. When I came out of anchorage at Inatti Bay it was blowing 15 kts or better, so important I get the sail up and trimmed in a hurry, no hang ups, sail up and trimmed and away we went. Sailed Tomalas Bay this past weekend, once again worked with out a hitch. The new installation did the trick.

Thanks Jim (Montgomery15)

I saw Mastgates written up in Smallcraft Advisor, like it very much. A problem I have bitched about for as long as I have sailed, that is, since 1964.

Worked as intended. Zero issues. Three trips out on Sunday and two on the 4th. Really glad I did not have a bolt rope to contend with!

Fred M. (1991 Montgomery 17 )


  Tom...I want to take this opportunity to thank you for my MastGate. I have used it now for almost one year on my Montgomery 17...what did I do BEFORE MastGate??...I struggled hoisting and dousing my main single handed....Your installation and invention of MastGate are first class!!...Thank You

Dan Phy  (M17 & M15e )


   Tom, I saw the video demo of your product on You Tube. Fantastic! - I only wish that I had seen it before I installed a Mast Gater from Catalina Direct...  I tried to solve the problem of screws and screw driver, which were dropped over the side while trying to get the sail in by attaching the gates... Ordering your Hinged gate to replace the lost gate.


David M, (1980's Catalina 22 )


 Tom, I thought your first gate outta the to speak...was fabulous in its effectiveness and simplicity.  The kits you're selling are brilliant!  I'm going to assess my needs, and while the doityurselfer in me leans toward your first gate I may well be ordering a kit for ease and no running around to find the right SS tube on my part.
Thanks for your work!!

Rich G  (Day sailer )

Hi Tom,
....  After having the sail slugs fall out on me everytime I lowered the sail, I would have paid around $125-$150.00 for a gate installation.
After having viewed your video and put one on last night, on my next boat I would probably purchase the gate and drill the mast and install the gate myself. 
I really appreciate your help..  

                                              Shane (Potter 19)

I have been using the mastgate for two months now and its a major improvement in sail control. Adding or removing sail slugs is so easy, just a slight push on the gate and it opens or closes.  It is especially helpful when a slug needs to be removed in order to reef. My West Wight Potter 15 has a long top batten which bows when the sail is furled unless the slug at the end of the batten is removed from the track. With the MastGate that process is a "snap".

Don P. (Potter 1


In Response To: Potter 19 (ColoradoPotter)
It only took one sail to convince me that something had to be done.  I just installed one of Tom Luque's external MastGates on my newly purchased 2000 P19. Now, problems solved, raising sail, lowering sail, reefing, folding sail onto the boom all have become simple. I recommend the product highly.

                    Posted By: laurymd (Potter 19)(Trailer sailor blog site)



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